WITHDRAWN: A Resource for Withdrawn and Discontinued Drugs

The Team

Name Email
Robert Preissner robert.preissner@charite.de
Malgorzata Drwal malgorzata.drwal@charite.de
Vishal Siramshetty (Web site/Data related queries) vishal-babu.siramshetty@charite.de
Janette Nickel-Seeber janette.nickel@charite.de
Christian Omieczynski christian.omieczynski@charite.de
Björn-Oliver Gohlke bjoern-oliver.gohlke@charite.de

The Institute

Structural Bioinformatics Group

Lindenberger Weg 80, Berlin-13125, Germany

Phone: +49 30 4505 40755

Email: robert.preissner@charite.de

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