WITHDRAWN: A Resource for Withdrawn and Discontinued Drugs


Welcome to WITHDRAWN, a database of withdrawn and discontinued drugs that were pulled out of global markets due to safety concerns. The database serves as a useful resource with information about the therapeutic (or primary) targets, off-targets, toxicity types and biological pathways associated with the drugs in the database.

Furthermore, genetic variations (SNPs) associated with the therapeutic and off-targets are presented within to shed light on the common genetic variations that could lead to toxicity and thereby to drug withdrawal or discontinuation in specific populations.

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Database Statistics

Entity Type Total Count
All Drugs 578
 down-arrow Withdrawn Drugs down-arrow 270
 down-arrow Discontinued Drugs down-arrow 308
Human Targets 946
KEGG Pathways 149


Siramshetty V.B., Nickel-Seeber J., Omieczynski C., Gohlke B.-O., Drwal M.N., Preissner R.: WITHDRAWN-a resource for withdrawn and discontinued drugs
Nucleic Acids Res (Database issue 2015); NAR ext


  • Jun 2016: Current legal status of Metamizole (Dipyrone) across the world is presented in a datamap.
  • Dec 2015: 48 drugs withdrawn/suspended/refused by European Medicines Agency (for the EU region) are added to WITHDRAWN.
  • Nov 2015: WITHDRAWN paper published in NAR database issue (link to full-text).



Recent Drug Withdrawals

Drug Approval Year Withdrawal Year
Telaprevir ext 2011 2014
Ribavirin ext 1999 2014
Ketoconazole ext 1976 2013
Tetrazepam ext 1960 2013
Clorazepate ext 2004 2012
Celecoxib ext 1999 2011
Pioglitazone ext 1999 2011
Dolasetron ext 1997 2011
Rosiglitazone ext 1999 2010
Sibutramine ext 1997 2010

Data Map of Withdrawn Drugs

Hint: Click on any country within the map to view the list of drugs which were withdrawn.
Note: In case there are no drugs exclusively withdrawn in the country selected, you will be redirected to the list of drugs which were withdrawn world-wide.