Pharmacokinetics Simulation

Search for a drug to visualize the plasma concentration versus time curves are generated based on a physiologically-based pharmacokinetic model. We provide interactive options to adjust parameters such as dose of the drug or intake interval which dynamically updates the plasma levels accordingly. In addition, one could also simulate how the plasma level of drugs might vary in poor and ultrarapid metabolizers. Please be aware this model assumes an average human of 70kg body weight.

Complete pharmacokinetic data is only available for a subset of drugs. By default, drugs with available basic pharmacokinetic data, yet no therapeutic window data are also included in the type-ahead search below. If you want only full datasets, please tick the checkbox before you search. The slider settings for dose are based on minimum, maximum and standard dose where available. Should only one dose size be available, the slider will be locked. If you require other dosage, use "Override dosage", enter your value into the appearing box and press enter.

e.g. Topotecan
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Note: The simulations are based on pharmacokinetic parameters extracted from different sources including scientific literature. Therefore, it must be noted that this feature is not intended for recommending dose adaptations or adjustments to improve efficiency or avoid toxicity.

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