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SuperDRUG2 database is a unique, one-stop resource for approved/marketed drugs, containing more than 4,600 active pharmaceutical ingredients. We annotated drugs with regulatory details, chemical structures (2D and 3D), dosage, biological targets, physicochemical properties, external identifiers, side-effects and pharmacokinetic data. Different search mechanisms allow navigation through the chemical space of approved drugs. A 2D chemical structure search is provided in addition to a 3D superposition feature that superposes a drug with ligands already known to be found in the experimentally determined protein-ligand complexes. For the first time, we introduced simulation of "physiologically-based" pharmacokinetics of drugs. Our interaction check feature not only identifies potential drug-drug interactions but also provides alternative recommendations for elderly patients.

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How to Cite?

If you use SuperDRUG2 data, please consider citing us as follows:

1. Vishal B Siramshetty, Oliver Andreas Eckert, Björn-Oliver Gohlke, Andrean Goede, Qiaofeng Chen, Prashanth Devarakonda, Saskia Preissner, Robert Preissner; SuperDRUG2: a one stop resource for approved/marketed drugs, Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 46, Issue D1, 4 January 2018, Pages D1137–D1143. [RIS (Zotero); RIS (EndNote); BibTex]
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07 Feb. 2018     -     18 novel FDA approved drugs added.
02 Feb. 2018     -     Human targets are annotated with PHAROS druggability levels.
11 Nov. 2017     -     SuperDRUG2 published online.
22 Oct. 2017     -     SuperDRUG2 accepted in the NAR Database Issue.

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